Photography is for me the possibility how to transform my living environment, how to approach it and „change“ it. The camera is not only to observe what´s happening, but it always enters into the situation that is photographed and changes it. Since I try to experiment also with the camera on the „stage“ during dance performances, I try to realize all its possibilities. It can be used as a musical instrument, or just an instrument we can play with or, in the end, as a camera that can show what just passed by in front of our eyes. This „registration“, however, is of course already an interpretation.

One of my topics – not only for photography – is movement. To move is to live, to create our lives in some very basic and physiological sense of this word. The very first movement is our breath. To move is on one hand physical/physiological on other had almost political action. Next to the collaboration with dancers I´m interested in „personal document“. While travelling I find myself very often with quite normal or even quite bad camera in media res searching the stories and talking about life with strangers. And every of those meetings is breathtaking experience.

„What I can do with the camera and later on with photographs“ is another crucial question for my work. While making exhibition or presentation of my series I always try to re-create the space I have. The same series is always different when presented in another space. So, more important is for me to make my own milieu, than to make the exhibition of my photographs. My images are very often made by different techniques when create one series. I´m not dedicated to only one direction how to make images. I use digital camera as well as analogue one, I combine several alternative photographic techniques, such as cyanotype, oil print or lith print, as well as recreating my photos with aquarelles.